Friday, January 7, 2011

Amazing Lil Gray Matter

The Lil' Gray Matter is simply amazing.

Case to point - I had the opportunity to use a software that I have not used for years - make that 7 years. Previously I used to work with the software (albeit an older version) - for engineering design.
Anyway, I was forced to reconnect with the software recently.  I was apprehensive at first. Mind you in the last 7 years I have not  used it - not even once!  Hence,  it was a (nice) surprised to discover that within hours it all automatically comes back! All the tricks - the software uses action shortcut commands via left button mouse - were like in the tip of my fingers.

Amazing, doesn't it???? A friend noted that it is possibly because when I used the software, I know all the 'behind the scenes' logic- unlike those who are just pure users. Anyway - it was a a very good feeling, to know that I still 'got it'!

Well, the truth is that  I have this problem with names and at times faces. And matching names to faces or faces to names....Typical scenario : a person comes to my side and greeted me - by my name. I'll smile and start scrambling for a name and recognition - is this person from my primary school, or secondary school (2 schools!) or during my brief stint in SMART or a friend from ITM or from university or from work or acquaintances....I'll end up mumbling something generic - which can be depressingly embarasing.

I can't blame it on age, as I have always been like - for as long as I can remember. I am not the person who will light up a party. Never the one to initiate a small talk - unless cornered. And I just pray that others will not notice how uncomfortable I am. Personal space is important to me - probably part of the mild OCD (yeah, blame that!).

Well, I still got the flair of the software, that's good enough, right? Ha..ha.ha...