Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am officially a Gleek! Yup, I have to admit that I was hooked from day one - the first time I laid my eyes on this American musical-comedy-drama television series.

The story revolves around a group of very talented groups of students from the fictional William McKinley High School - who are part of the Glee Club - New Direction. This is not your typical choir but instead is a performing/show choir. So there are a lot of dancing and moving around. And like a typical American series, we can expect a lot of 'dysfunctional' characters (and families). By dysfunctional, I am referring to their western culture which is (most likely) not appreciated by our Asian values. Values like sexual orientation and sexual practices.

The thing I like most is that the series uses a lot of old favorites of mine - and instead of tinkering with it - they are just singing it again. Somehow in Malaysia - if you are giving a new breath to an old song, it usually ends up with the original song being butchered beyond recognition! And most of the times it falls flat! 

My favorite is the mash-up of 'It's My Life/Confession'. Who would ever thought that these 2 songs can be mashed to perfection. And it jives with the episode which saw the school nurse (which happens to be Mr Shue - the Glee teacher cum mentor) prescribing to OTC meds which makes them hyperactive! 

Then there is the song 'Sweet Caroline' which is a favorite of my daughter. And I simply adore their rendition of 'Endless Love'. Even hubby loves the 'Leaving on Jet Plane'.

Can't wait for the second season to reach our shore....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Apple a Day...

10 mins inside the room, the lady cleaner came in and remarked 'Eh, you pernah datang sini kan?'. Yours truly smiled and nodded. Then came the ward assistant  - the minute she walked in, she declared - 'I know have been here's your daughter?' 

Hmm....when even the cleaners recognizes you - does that hints that you  have spent too much time here already ?? I have to confess - between myself and my daughters - we must have been quite a frequent fixture here. Having 4 growing up children means that the pediatrician is in our speed dial.  In fact a couple of years ago, the whole family was admitted courtesy of dengue!

And now even the emergency room nurses recognize my daughters - who have been been there a couple of times - for her dose of nebulizers.  Other than being adorable (?) and a chatterbox -  they, unlike others - enjoyed their time there...guess they are aware of the (good) effect of the meds.

I have been in and out of here a couple of times these last couple of years. I accepted this as Qada' and Qadar....and to me it also serves as a reminder - to Allah the Almighty.

I have been blessed so far.... with so many things to be thankful for. So what is a small thing as illness. Ini adalah salah satu cara Allah menguji hambaNya....

I remembered an incident - a long time ago. At that time I was in a hostel and was sick. I felt so vulnerable and alone - and were (secretly) crying. Then came one of my seniors - whom I respected very much - for she was a soft spoken and caring soul. She said to me 'Niza, jangan sedih...kalau sakit tu maknanye Allah sayang kita...nak menguji kita'.....Every time I got sick, I will remember her words...which never failed to comfort me...

I use this precious time alone to catch up on my reading. At home, with the kids and the idiot box, it's a struggle to properly read - let alone enjoy it. So whenever I am admitted, I'll make sure that I bring as many books as possible to the ward.

So when you are sick...please take it positively...there are bound to be a silver just have to have faith in HIM....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Read, Read, Read!

I read with interest recently - on the appointment of our very own astronaut (?), as the reading ambassador. Somehow with having a celebrity as its ambassador, the government is hoping that Malaysian will go to the library or nearest bookshop in droves. 

                                               Who can resist this face ?

What is this fascination of Malaysians (or is it those in the corridors of power) on celebrity ? Do they really believe that things will change ? And then Datuk Michelle Yeoh was also appointed as the ambassador. Wait...wait...we have 2 datuks - dare I hope for another one - to represent each of the different races in Malaysia ???

I love reading - it is my favorite pastime - since like forever! I remembered being introduced to M&B - which kept my love for reading. Even when I was studying for final exams - I will reward myself with an hour of Agatha Christie - if I can finish a chapter of that Organic Chemistry or Introduction to Marketing. 

I love Dame Agatha - and has bought almost all of her writings. And let me tell you, it does not come cheap!

Could that be one of the real reasons why Malaysians are shying away  from books? Because it is considered as a luxury. Just pick up any paper back fiction - and it will set you back around RM35. A hard cover will easily cost RM80. Not every Malaysian can afford this - especially when we do NOT even have a minimum wage of RM900! 

Don't start on academics - for most students (yours truly included) - it will mean a trip to the nearest photocopy shop. Unless you are born with a silver spoon on yer mouth, you definitely can't afford that RM200+ textbook on Spectroscopy!

And the state of our libraries leave much to be desired. Complaints includes outdated book (circa 1970s) and unavailability of titles. 

Hmmm.....I am no lover of library. I prefer to be doing my reading in the comfort of my home...but still, let us join hands and pray that those in the corridors of power will finally come into their senses and do the right thing!

In the mean time, relax, get your cuppa and grab that book!

Idol in A Glimpse

This week is Top 9 of American Idol - which is already in its 9th season. I have been an ardent follower of this successful franchise...but to date, (personally) it  has been a disappointment.

Paula has left the - well, what do you expect - they included Kara last year - it's hint enough! The departure meant a new judge is needed - the job which landed on Ellen's lap. Is she any good, you ask ??? Well, I can't blame her - yeah, she has  award winning day talk show - but is that enough ? She loves music but does that mean she is well versed in the world of music? At least with Paula, you can hear encouragement and comments on fashion! Enough said!

                                             That was then

                                                   This is now

The contestants do not help either. They are soo...forgettable! At least on Season 8, by the top 10, you can already see what huge talent Glambert and Iraheta were! And they rocked - each week.

This year, I can't point my finger to any - that I really like. They are not at all consistent - except for mama Sox - but I just don't get her singing! Hubby said it is because I am distracted of her 'yellowish' set of chomper. I mean, there she is in a stage - in front of millions of Americans (and the whole world) - can't they  get her to a proper dentist and get those chompers whiten ? I have seen miraculous power of the orthodontist - thanks to series like 'makeover'.

I am no expert. Probably that is why I just don't get them! Initially people were full of praises for Garcia. His rendition of 'Straight Up' haunted him throughout his jurney in idol...he did not seem to be able to shake that expectation from the judges.

Others are not worth discussing here...just cut the chase and show us the top three - Crystal (Bowersox), Lee (Deweyze) and Casey (James)...Wanna bet ???

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Highland Trip

I've heard of friends who goes on trips on a minutes notice - no anxiety of planning. Just decide on the spot and pack yer bags! No hotel reservation, no schedule - I salute them....for that is - for me - a road less (errr...more like never!) traveled.

Me and hubby decided to be more spontaneous - so on Wednesday we decided for a weekend to Cameron - and finalized our booking of a room by Friday night! Yeah, yeah, I know it might not be yer typical classification of spontaneous - but at least it's a start!

Cameron is not as cold as I remembered it to be - but still a lot better than Penang now - which is so hot and dry! The hotel turn out to be amazing - it was on the ground floor - with a french door that opens to a beautiful yard! The kids love it so much - as it means they can roam in and out of the room to the yard.

                          The yard, enclosed by the white fence

Cameron is full of amazing are every where - in all the colors you can imagine. It really is heaven for those who loves flowers - Mr hubby included! 

The flowers are really awesome...and for those weak-hearted, they will be surely swayed into thinking that it will bloom beyond Cameron! We've had numerous experience of wilted flowers which simply cannot withstand the heat outside Cameron - but still you can't resist....

Eating out in Cameron for Muslim is not so straight forward. You have be creative as those in the center of Tanah Rata and Brinchang are normally small 'warungs' and are full to the brim during dinner time! That said, if you lurve fried mushroom and vege, this is the place to be ! But beware, it's not dirt cheap - a so called 'mutiara' corn - grilled - can set you back rm4 each!

Well, you can't complain, the nearest town of Simpang Pulai is almost an hour away. That's why your vege is getting expensive by the day....still, it is so much cheaper here in Cameron - so hop on and go on a vege spree in our own Highland !

Monday, April 5, 2010

Third Times the Charm!

It's the third time the charm, for the 2010 Sepang F1 winner - Sebastian Vettal of Red Bull Racing. He was on pole position in both Sakhir and Albert Park, was was unable to convert them to a podium victory.

                                   Vettel making a move on Webber

Vettel was actually 3rd on the grid, thanks to chaos during qualifying - courtesy of the torrential monsoon rain. This also affected  Ferrari's (tangled) strategy which saw both Massa and Alonso to be on the tail end of the grid.  

There were not a drop of rain - though the weather was gloomy - the 'bomoh hujan' must be realllyyy...good! 

As in any race, there were bound to be controversies. Me think that the move on Petrov is not very sportmanship - but then if is Hamilton after all!

                              Hamilton making a move on Petrov

And what a luck to struck Alonso - to be so near but so far.....He had to retire 2 laps before the checkered flag - thanks to engine failure. 

Will this put to rest the accusation that Kimi drove like a mad man ?? I mean it's not only the way Kimi drive, but it's very much the relaibility of the engine itself. Yeah, Kimi really gave his all - pushing the car to the max - which at times caused to car to finally gave up - at the very last minute. I miss Kimi....his great driving...his aloofness to the media circus surrounding him....hhmmm.....
On ya, seems that lady luck is yet again missing from the back of our multiple world champion - Schumacer. He did not manage to finish the race. Hey, Nico managed to present Mercedes their first podium of the season! That itself should be a celebration.

But then, this race is about King Vettel.....a toast to our RBR Hero....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's Get it Started - Sepang 2010

The circus is in (Sepang) town!!!

 It's Friday - the free practice day. The boys of (F1) racing will be scrambling to test their machine - to ensure it is in tip top condition for tomorrow's qualifying.

If Sakhir was a disappointment, then Albert Park eliminated any doubt that this year is gonna be a long, boring race. The race started (literally) in a bang!  Adrenaline were pumped thanks to the spectacular start and a few overtaking and dangerous maneuvers.

But alas, lady luck is still out of sight for Vettel. He had to retire after less than 20 laps to go, due to mechanical issue...sighh.....

Vettel - he was once in front of Button - before that unfortunate failure.

Bravo to Button - who managed to outpace his team-mate Hamilton - who was obviously furious at being called to the pit for the second tyre change - which, he claimed cost him the podium!  Me think, it is just clash of the titans. Having 2 world champions - (with inflated egos) - no mystery there!

Bravo as well to Nico for giving Mercedes the run for their money. He's cute and talented - and he had already beaten Scumi twice - what more could I ask!

Somehow, Massa is still being over-shadowed Alonso....(another) sighh.....

Let's bring rain to Sepang - and see how'll the tyre strategy plays....I can't wait !