Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Something to be thankful for....

It was a few days before my bi-anneal executive medical check up when I noticed it. An ultra sound confirmed it. I was advised to consult ENT - but since it was a day before Ramadhan, it got delayed.

Ramadhan came and by the time I was ready, it was the end of Syawal. I went to see the ENT on Monday. Endoscopy was performed.There was the lump but  on the positive side - there were no signs of trauma or inflammation - and I have no difficulty in swallowing. I went for a CT-Scan - which showed a goiter in the thyroid gland. 

I was referred to a surgeon, that afternoon itself. After consultation - it was agreed that the lump shall be removed by a minor surgery on Thursday.

On Wednesday, I was in the office in the morning. After lunch, I went back and prepared 'ayam masak lemak cili api' for dinner and sent my kids to their 'Qiraati' class - before heading to the hospital at 3.45pm. 

I was admitted to the ward and met both the surgeon and anesthetist - to prepare for the surgery. The kids came to visit we had the  home cooked dinner there.  I was reminded to start fasting by midnight.

That night I had my eldest with me in the ward - as companion! He was happy  to comply - as it mean being alone with mama - with no lil sisters bugging! 

The next morning, I was feeling nervous and anxious. I was told that after surgery, I will be  sent to the High Dependency Unit - due to my infections history. It meant that I need to vacate my room as none of the kids will be able to visit me that night. I changed to my surgery gown by 9 am and was wheeled to the operation 'prep room' by 9.30am. I was hooked to an IV - since I was still fasting (not even plain water was allowed!) while waiting for my turn.

I waited, and waited and waited. A few patients already came and go. We were still waiting for my surgeon. I took the time to recite some prayers, to calm me down - hopefully the surgery will run smoothly - and successfully. 

'OK Kak, Dr dah datang'......said the nurse to me - as they wheeled me into the operation theater. The first thing that caught my  mind was the smell - that sterile, distinctively clean hospital smell. The clock on the wall showed 10.45am. 

The room was abuzz with activities and I saw my surgeon, my anesthetist and a few nurses/surgery assistants. They lifted me onto the operation theater. It felt cold and then a sudden rush of warmth....must be a heating pad underneath. They were hooking me up to various tubes and wires. Then a nurse told me 'close your eyes and breathe deeply'. Then she asked me to open my eyes. 'We are going to give you gas - so breathe deeply'. I took a deep breath, another deep breath, another deep breath......

'Kak, kakak...dah siap dah'...one of the nurses were trying to wake me up. But I felt groggy...and oh, so very sleepy. I can hardly open my eyes....Then another nurse - one which I recognize - as she was the sister in the executive ward - stood beside me and said that I will  be sent back to my room. They lifted me back to my bed and wheeled me back to the my room which was on the 3rd floor. All this while I was still half asleep. Suddenly I heard 'Hey, this is my engineer'. Yeah, yeah...this IS my engineer. Has..Has...' I slowly opened my eyes, only to see my RND Director standing beside my bed - in the elevator!!!! I mumbled something (which I can't recall).

When I was finally in my room - the sister asked me' Was that your boss, just now?' 'Yeah, he's my big, big boss!'....It was 1.15pm and I was alone in the room. Half an hour later, my hubby came. He was surprised to see me there - as I was expected to be in HDU. He mentioned that my big boss called him - thanks to the lift incident! I looked like crap - what with my surgery gown and the bandages over my neck!

As the pain killer subsided, I started to feel the pain and had difficulty in swallowing. I can't talk properly, and my voice was very soft. The Dr came in about 3 pm and clarified that after surgery, they monitored my vital for half and hour - and since everything was great - they decided that I did not need to be in HDU! A piece of good news.

It was 4 pm and I have not had a drop of water....so I asked my hubby for a sip. I was on painkillers and more antibiotics. By 5 pm I took a few sips of milo and removed my surgery gown. My supervisor and and a friend came to visit. I felt a lot better, though swallowing was still very painful.

I was told that the pain was due to the  (huge!) tube that was inserted inside my mouth up to my throat - and also because of the strain - as my head was pulled way back to clear the base neck area...fuh.....

It is now almost a week - and I have gotten the good news that the lump is indeed benign....Alhamdulliah....thank you ALLAH.....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Back Again

Wow, has it really been a month since my last entry??? It's not that there were nothing exciting/worthwhile to write...in fact it was the opposite - lots of things happened this last month!

Well, let's don't waste on (trivial) excuses. First there was Ramadhan, which meant that I hardly had time to write. This was also the first Ramadhan that both me and hubby did not bow down to temptations - and managed to steer clear of Pasar Ramadhan! This also meant that I scrambled to reach home on time to cook dishes for iftar. Since the children were fasting - including my 4+ yrs old - I had to prepare dishes based on their preference as well. Alhamdullilah everything went well and my youngest managed to complete 12 days of full day fasting! A feat by itself.....

Then came Raya. The night before Raya was a blast! We prepared home made sate and barbecued them that night, with the kids (and my sisters) messing with the firecrackers!

Then it was UPSR for my first born. I do not want to comment on that....In fact I pity him. Having parents who are professionals and a father who was Pahang's SPM Best Student meant that people will assume that he will sail through!

Urrggghhh...there were so many going-ons recently. Lots of sad stories. My long time dearest friend lost her father to the big C. Then I heard about news of broken marriages of friends which was a major shock.....well, life goes on.....