Friday, February 11, 2011

Worst Driver?

It was in the Sunday Times recently - sms mentioning that Penangites are Malaysian's worst driver. This is followed by similar nod the next week. Hhhmmm....really? But I have to admit that I've heard similar complaints myself - from people who commutes in KL - on the Penangites worst (driving) attitude.

I have witnessed some as well. From Kancil to CLS 320. Instead of queuing like everybody else - especially near traffic light junctions - they will drive all the way to the junction, and then squeeze their way in front of you. In some instances, we had to literally make a sudden stop - to avoid collision with them! What a p****! And this is not confined to the male species...

Whenever there is a small space (say emergency lane), you bet somebody is going to squeeze in - though they are well aware that the lane is only 10m - as they will then incessantly squeeze their way back in (the main lane).

Just the other day, I say a super expensive CLS trying to maneuver others. He refused to queue and instead opted to drive his expensive car on the gravel and when the grave ends, pushed his way back to the main road! Probably it is just me. I mean when you see somebody driving a gleaming car, you have certain expectations -  the person to be of a very good upbringing, is reserved and polished - and when they act like some thugs on the road well, it simply doesn't jive!

I was in my hometown recently. During a stop at a traffic light - I saw a local driver who suddenly maneuvered from the right most lane to the left most lane - way over the yellow line (on a 3 lane road) - 3 seconds before the light turned green. I was shocked. ' they are wrong after's Kuantan and not Penang - who has the worst driver' was my comment to dearest hubby. Then we headed to  a well known nasi lemak restaurant, where we parked near the roadside in front of the place. 

When it was time to leave, guess what we saw? A car conveniently parked beside a van in front of the restaurant. Basically double parking in front of the jammed packed eating place. There was just a small space to squeeze through. And since our ride that day equals a big-sized van - it took a while and  and  sheer patience to slowly trudged through. Hubby reminded me 'Take a look at the car plate'. Sure enough it starts with P**. Guess that re-claims the award which not one hour ago awarded to Kuantan drivers!

Hmmm...but seriously speaking - is that really the case? I have seen fair share of reckless driving in Klang Valley. And about road rage and thugs in KL and Johor and other states. It is all up to the individual - and not from which states he/she comes from....