Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Colorful April

It is only the 4th month of the year but 2011 promises to be an explosive year. Just flip through the main stream medias or alternative online ones and you'll know what I mean. Splashed in the headlines - bold fonts to boot - some of the news you'll never expected to to be the see the light of the day.

Is it a coincidence that when an impending state election was announced, a porno tape surfaced? A tape which was initially shrouded in mystery and was the talk of time in less than 48 hours. The many (colorful) characters involved - the fanfare it created. One thing popped in the mind of most Malaysian - gutter politics.

Where is the Malay culture and spirit we cherished? Respect for others. Where is our Muslim belief? The truth is, the average citizen, the man on the street is already sick and tired of all this. Why can't the powers that be, concentrates on the things that matters, instead of desperately trying to cling onto power, come what may.

Look how our society has disintegrated. The racial harmony is stirred by malicious-intended quarters. People are becoming more intolerant of each other. Seeds of suspicion are slowly but surely grown into our hearts and minds.

Our sacred institutions like the Parliament are turning into circus, thanks to the unruly behaviors of some of the elected reps. Sexist remarks were uttered without being backed by statistics - just for the sake of sensational statement (and maybe 15 mins of fame).

What about public service? Somehow, public transport concerns are only confined to Klang Valley - and others in high density urban areas like Penang and JB are conveniently ignored - as if they do not contribute to the massive taxes!

Are we genuinely surprised at the billions siphoned out by the Customs department - via kickbacks and what not? Some were found with gold bullions and bags of cash stashed in their home. Some with millions of dollar spread over a few accounts in different banks. Some of the junior execs daringly (or shall I say, stupidly) driving posh cars to work.

There are simply too many leaks, millions of tax payer money flushed down the drain - or in most cases, into some select cronies. These monies could hae been used to help the poor, upgrade infrastructure and ward off inflation....but no, instead we dwell in gutter politics, while the countrys wealth continues to be raided.

Just the other day, dear hubby went to the Immigration office to renew a permit - only to be told that it needs to be done in Kuantan (where it was done previously). Are you kidding me? You mean that in this borderless world that we live in - the simple permit is not connected and available online? Lucky about a month earlier hubby was there and was told by the big boss that the it indeed can be done here. When the point was highlighted - the counter staff mumbled something and proceed with the task. Is it my fault if I assume the fella was plain lazy????


Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebration Part 1

It has been a while since my family organized a wedding. The last  one was almost 10 years ago!  This year we just had one, and there will be another one in July! 

My sister's wedding was about 2 weeks ago. She decided to hold her reception in a private hall, unlike mine (and another sis) which held ours at home. 

Let me reminiscent....it does not seemed that long ago...I can still remember that joyous occasion - well, who wouldn't? I mean it's a special occasion...the Malay even has a special term for it 'Raja Sehari' - literally meaning 'King of the Day. Well, not all of us is privileged enough to be born to a blue blood family, so this is the only occasion where you are treated like royalty - though there were some incidents which I wish not to remember or dwell on. 

Since yours truly is not from a well off family, this meant that every cents came from me. By everything I mean the whole 'kenduri' and related expenses. The cows (yes, we slaughtered cows - since it was a 'kenduri kampung'), the canopy, and even the cigarettes for those helping with the cleaningof the pots and pans. That also explains why I was engaged for a year - I had to scrape  every cents- buying the 'hantaran' bit by bit, month by month.   

The good thing about that is that (I guess) me and hubby appreciates our reunion....we sacrificed a lot for it.

Coming back to my sis reception - it was a truly joyous occasion.  The whole family had fun...especially the kids. That was the first time, that they were involved in a wedding ceremony of a close family. The 3 younger kids were officially assigned as 'flower girl' - as task which they were so anxious - especially when they were not sure of the actual task. I had fun, messing with them!

As for me, I welcome a new brother in law, and wishes my sister a great new life.....enjoy the adventure....