Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebration Part 1

It has been a while since my family organized a wedding. The last  one was almost 10 years ago!  This year we just had one, and there will be another one in July! 

My sister's wedding was about 2 weeks ago. She decided to hold her reception in a private hall, unlike mine (and another sis) which held ours at home. 

Let me does not seemed that long ago...I can still remember that joyous occasion - well, who wouldn't? I mean it's a special occasion...the Malay even has a special term for it 'Raja Sehari' - literally meaning 'King of the Day. Well, not all of us is privileged enough to be born to a blue blood family, so this is the only occasion where you are treated like royalty - though there were some incidents which I wish not to remember or dwell on. 

Since yours truly is not from a well off family, this meant that every cents came from me. By everything I mean the whole 'kenduri' and related expenses. The cows (yes, we slaughtered cows - since it was a 'kenduri kampung'), the canopy, and even the cigarettes for those helping with the cleaningof the pots and pans. That also explains why I was engaged for a year - I had to scrape  every cents- buying the 'hantaran' bit by bit, month by month.   

The good thing about that is that (I guess) me and hubby appreciates our reunion....we sacrificed a lot for it.

Coming back to my sis reception - it was a truly joyous occasion.  The whole family had fun...especially the kids. That was the first time, that they were involved in a wedding ceremony of a close family. The 3 younger kids were officially assigned as 'flower girl' - as task which they were so anxious - especially when they were not sure of the actual task. I had fun, messing with them!

As for me, I welcome a new brother in law, and wishes my sister a great new life.....enjoy the adventure....

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