Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lovely Bones

I watched the movie 'Lovely Bones' on HBO a few nights ago  - and was deeply touched. Well, okay okay - more than touched - I was actually weeping throughout the movie!

The movie - directed by Peter Jackson - tells the story of a free spirited teenager who was unfortunate to be a victim of a ruthless serial killer. Susie Salmon, that's her name. She aspired to be a photographer, never without a small camera by her side and was starting to develop a crush. On that fateful date, she met her crush who turned out to be as smitten to her as she was to him. They were about to kiss, when interrupted by the HM. They instead made a date to see each other over the weekend in their favorite mall. 

On her way back from school, she was lured to an underground den, by her neighbor who happens to be a serial killer. She was brutally murdered. She did not realized that she was dead until she found her surrounding to be different - she was in fact neither here nor there. From there she watched her loved ones - unable to let go.

It was heart wrenching. Seeing the family struggled to cope with the lost of their loved ones. And seeing somebody so young to be a victim of something like a serial killer is really devastating.

And I was reminded of the news a few weeks ago. Of a mother, who was recently divorced and lost all her 3 girls due to an accident near a water fall. The girls were with their father and his new lady friend. Imagine how the mother must have felt -  to be told that her 3 girls vanished just like that. They found the body of her 2 girls within 24 hours.....and she joined the rescue team looking for the body of her youngest girl - as she was adamant to find her, to give her a proper burial - so that she can visit her grave.....Oh, my heart goes to her. There is a saying that a parent should never bury their child - imagine, having to bury all your 3 kids in one time.......

I pray that Allah gives her strength and his blessing to go through this.....

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