Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Things

In most days, we are too occupied in our life, that there is hardly time to stop and smell the roses. We are obsessed over the kids, pressured at work , worried over deadlines, frustrated of personal problems and health issues.....Always distracted by one thing or the other.

In our quest to be a great mom (or dad), a dedicated employee (or employer) coupled with trying to have a superb personal live, we sometimes forget about the small things in life. We always look for the big things - the luxury house, the super cars, the shiny jewelery - that sometimes it derailed us.

We forgot about the little things - to be thankful that we are still given another day to live, to be able to wake up in the morning with our loved ones on our side, to be thankful that we still have a job, that we can still financially takes care of ourselves and our loved ones. 

And in our busy schedule, we sometimes forget about the things that matters the most - our family, friends and loved ones. People who are there though thick and thin, through our ups and downs. 

Let's enjoy life more, strive to give more. Surprise your loved ones with little things - a home made card, a home-made cookie or just buy some ice-cream or chocolates. Nobody can resist chocolates, right? And do the same to your friends. Bake some cake and bring to the office. It's contagious - how your colleague feel - will be reflected back to you.

And the next time you see a stranger or a small kids in a grocery store, pay for his newspaper, or for his/her ice-cream. Their infectious smile will be attached to our face as well.....

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